I found VIVRS has helped me a lot, I have moved forward in my life because of VIVRS. They supported me through a whole process of finding work that would be good for me. They took the time to get to know me and help me find work that makes sense, and even continue to check to make sure it is the right fit.

- Satisfied VIVRS Client


In our years of working with VIVRS management and their team they have demonstrated the ability to provide high-quality, cost-effective services to funders and clients, being sensitive to the needs of our clients to assist them in overcoming employment barriers and to make a successful transition to independence or sustainable employment.

- Christine Stoneman, GT Hiring


VIVRS has a long term reputation in our community for providing high quality services for persons with disabilities. VIVRS as a leading Canadian Organization demonstrates best practices in the provision of rural service supporting the community integration and employment success of persons with disabilities.

- Doug Preston, NIEFS


The clients we referred to VIVRS received quality vocational rehabilitation and life skills support to individuals with disabilities many who have complex challenges. When doing follow up consultations with our referred clients, we received very positive responses to the service they received from VIVRS. There have been many successes . We have found the VIVRS staff to be cheerful and supportive and they have been both, committed and professional in their approach to assist our clients move forward in their lives in a positive way.

- Bert Abbott, Peer Program Associate


We have worked closely with VIVRS staff in the delivery of the Employment Program of BC and have a great deal of respect for their caring and the quality of their work. We have also heard nothing but positive comments from clients who we have referred to VIVRS about the service and support they received there.

- Bruce Brautigan, CEAS


Duncan Mental Health has maintained a close and constructive working relationship for many years with Vancouver Island Vocational and Rehabilitation Services (VIVRS) to the great benefit of many mutual clients. In the Duncan area, VIVRS is represented by Joanna Kitt. Joanna has comprehensive experience in providing service to individuals who are dealing with many compounding health and social issues and she has demonstrated the ability to assist these individuals in identifying, and successfully addressing their problems through the use of a variety of approaches.

- J. Woods, MSW, Duncan Mental Health and Addiction Services (VIHA)


The Parksville Mental Health Office has referred many of our chronically mentally ill and functionally disabled clients to VIVRS. Their workers have worked in close collaboration with our clinicians to develop appropriate vocational rehab plans for these clients...Their program has assisted many clients in preparing for employment and integrating them back into a realistic program stream...In their rehab work with our clients, they have offered a variety of life skills and employability coaching/workshops and have developed many linkages with clients, both employment related and beyond.

- P. Yochim, Team Coordinator, Parksville Mental Health and Addictions Services

Photo of an individual facing the camera
Photo of an individual facing the camera

Plates Eatery & Catering Co. had the opportunity to work with Vancouver Island Vocational Rehabilitation Services through a work experience at our establishment, with one of their clients. We were very pleased with the outcome as we were able to hire a new staff member to work in our kitchen at the end of the work experience. The VIVRS Counselor came on a regular basis to ensure that everything was going well with us and the VIVRS client.... we would be willing to work with VIVRS again in the future to ensure that others with disabilities have the opportunity to enter or re-enter the workforce.

- S. Swing, Owner, Plates Eatery & Catering Co. Courtenay


Over the years we have come to depend on the services Vancouver Island Vocational and Rehabilitation Services provides to people with disabilities...I believe the collaborative approach we have established has increased both of our effectiveness with clients and students.

- J. Almond, Services for Students with Disabilities, Faculty, North Island College


VIVRS has been offering services on-site at the Career Centre in Parksville since 2005 and have proven to be a valuable addition to the services available to clients in the Oceanside area. VIVRS has demonstrated success in assisting clients to obtain and maintain employment through the delivery of vocational assessments, one-on-one counselling, work placement and access to training...we look forward to continuing our collaborative working relationship with their staff and maintaining VIVRS services on-site at our centre.

- C. Ireland Bresden, Executive Director, CVI JOBS


Over the past ten years I have worked both personally and in my role of Rehabilitation Consultant for BC Paraplegic Association (BCPA) with VIVRS. VIVRS have also supported a number of organizations I have been involved with. Most notably they provided financial support and took part in the Rick Hanson Wheels in Motion event and the Mid Island Wheelchair Sport Club. These events are important in that they work towards improving the quality of life for persons with disabilities. VIVRS is very actively involved in the communities they serve. They have hosted informational fairs in all their communities allowing service providers to network and providing an opportunity for the public to see what specific services are available to them in their communities. We have always found VIVRS employment and lifeskills services to be of highest quality. We hope to continue to work with them to provide employment opportunities to persons with disabilities.

- B. Abbott, Regional Rehabilitation Consultant, Vancouver Island North, BCPA


VIVRS has a reputation within the Nanaimo community of working with clients to help them achieve realistic employment and/or volunteer goals. Our clients report to us that the assessment process at VIVRS is respectful and useful, and the vocational rehabilitation practitioners include achievable short and long term goals in their action plans. We appreciate this, because people with acquired brain injury usually need assistance and support as they determine their strengths, interests and potential. Over the years, we have referred to other vocational rehabilitation services and continue to find that VIVRS has consistently provided professional and knowledgeable services that we at NBIS trust and are willing to recommend to other services providers.

- J. Herrington, Executive Director, Nanaimo Brain Injury Society


VIVRS has supplied us with numerous placements, some of whom have found permanent part- time employment with us, and who we rely on to keep our business moving forward...VIVRS' coaching shows in how job ready the applicants are; being punctual, reliable and having appropriate social responses. Our staff enjoy working alongside the clients, and seeing how readily they take on new responsibilities.

- S. Noble, Store Manager, Dollar Giant Nanaimo


The Chemainus Theatre is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the Vancouver Island Vocational & Rehabilitation Services Ltd of Nanaimo over the years. The Vocational Counselor we have worked with is Deborah Provencher. She is informative, friendly and helpful. The fact that she has made the effort to understand our organization is directly linked to their success of the program... I believe the program has proven beneficial to the Chemainus Theatre Society and for the VIVRS clients we hired... I am happy to say one of these employees is still with us and will hopefully be with us for some time...We are pleased with the particular style and quality of service we receive from VIVRS...we hope to deal with them again in the future.

- S. Bothamley, Box Office and Personnel Manager, Chemainus Theatre


...VIVRS staff are a group of individuals who, like our company, are passionate about customer service and success in the community. We have had the opportunity to observe, work with, and be trained by VIVRS in regards how to work with individuals living with disabilities. Over the years we have had several individuals working on our job site who have participated in work experience placements and come to the realization that the work at COSTCO was not the best match, however we have employed ten individuals on a part-time basis and two individuals in full-time positions. It is a pleasure to work with an organization like VIVRS in our community because they care about the success of individuals who have disabilities. Their expertise allows us to be inclusive in our company and community.

- K. Larson, Warehouse Manager, COSTCO Nanaimo


This statement is to note my appreciation for the efforts of the VIVRS team in assisting my employment goals.

I felt that the personal dedicated support was especially effective for me. I was able to focus on my goal to work. Before I began with VIVRS, I had employment support in groups and this did not work for me.

When I began, I did not realize the physical and mental duress that I was under. The staff were kind, patient and sensitive, this helped me heal, set daily goals and move forward. All of which helped me to get employment in these very difficult economic times. It was hard to believe that the perfect employment was found for me, at first I was unsure then it happened and I am very happy.

I feel I have new confidence to excel in my work. I now have a good attitude to my life. I have a life that is fulfilling and definetly an improved quality of life. I now have the confidence to live my life and tackle any future challenges.

- Respectfully Submitted MG


Thank you for your kindness, caring personality, and great attitude. Your willingness to help me achieve my highest standards gave me a better look at my life's dreams and aspirations. Also, your determination for my success helped me see my abilities, my strengths and my endless opportunities.

 - Satisfied VIVRS Client


After being out of the job market for several years, I did not know what direction to go to get work I liked. My Vocational Counsellor at VIVRS walked me through the steps. She was attentive, supportive and very kind to me. She helped me start volunteer work that I really enjoy. VIVRS is a great program for disabled people wanting more financial independence and structure.

- Satisfied VIVRS Client

I am writing this short testimonial to state the services and help that one of the staff of Vancouver Island Vocational and Rehabilitation Services has done for me in my quest to acquire knowledge to get retrained for a new job. He built up my confidence in our weekly meetings and has been very easy to get in touch with. He has done all the leg work for me in finding job experience opportunities. He's very easy to get along with and is easy to talk to about any problems I have dealing with my retraining. He's been my number one support source in my training.

- Satisfied VIVRS Client

VIVRS is not only supportive in the retraining process but necessary! It is an organization that stands in the gap for clients between success and failure. It provides necessary resources for many that may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of life beyond illness, injury or disease. I am so truly grateful to everyone at VIVRS for all they have done to contribute to my successful integration back into the working world. I believe that my success would not be possible without their support and understanding.

- Satisfied VIVRS Client

Words cannot convey how much I appreciate the VIVRS program and their staff's assistance to once again become a productive member of society. I was very isolated due to my disability and they introduced me slowly and gently to the possibilities of volunteer and/or paid work or more education.

- Satisfied VIVRS Client

They helped, helped fund my stringths and weekness helping look for work has been secssful so far its going great! Im so happy of the secsess and progress ive gotten being here at vivrs..

- VIVRS Client

Excelent help with my resume. Thorough feedback to help with my Job serarch. Gives people hope that thing will get beter

- VIVRS Client

VIVRS is extremely helpful, friendly, cheerful, and informative and supportive, also dedicated.

- VIVRS Client

Very helpful and friendly service. Great career advice.

- VIVRS Client

I find VIVRS Services to be quite helpful as a person with disabilities. Their staff is always very friendly and helpful I personally would highly recommend any person with a disability, seeking employment to use their resources.

- VIVRS Client

I found the experience helful and the process relatively painless :-)

- VIVRS Client

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